HoReCa offer

We present our offer of Polish wild meat and rabbit which comes from our Polish farms. If you need any further detailed information connected to price lists or orders, please contact:

We have frozen products in our offer. Fresh wild is available seasonally and should be requested separately. Fresh rabbit meat is available constantly and you can order it any time you want.  

You cannot find a product you are just looking for? Feel free to contact us. We are ready to prepare all kind of our meat according to your personal needs. We have been working in wild and rabbit processing for both domestic and foreign market for 30 years, We are ready to fulfil every customers’ dream and prepare what you truly desire.

HoReCa Las-Kalisz team
Wild boar
Wild-boar leg bone-in
Wild-boar shoat leg bone-in
Wild-boar leg boneless with shank
NEW Wild-boar leg boneless without shank
Wild-boar 4-cuts
Wild-boar saddle bone-in
Wild-boar shoat saddle bone-in
Wild-boar saddle boneless
Wild-boar hind shank
Wild-boar shoulder boneless with shank
Wild-boar shoulder boneless without shank (Saftbraten)
Wild-boar French Racks
Wild-boar leg steaks
Wild-boar tenderloin
Wild-boar neck
Wild-boar roll from neck (Rollbraten)
Wild-Boar ribs
Wild-boar Osso Bucco steaks
Wild-boar goulash extra 1kg
Wild-boar goulash extra 2,5kg
Wild-boar goulash standard/saute
Wild-boar trimmings
Rabbit carcass with giblets
Rabbit carcass without giblets
Rabbit higher welfare carcass without giblets
Rabbit carcass cutted in half
Rabbit leg bone-in
Rabbit saddle bone-in
Rabbit saddle boneless
Rabbit shoulder bone-in
Rabbit liver
Rabbit meat trimmings
Roe deer
Roe-deer leg bone-in
Roe-deer leg boneless with shank
Roe-deer leg bone-in without shank
Roe-deer 4-cuts
Roe-deer saddle bone-in
Roe-deer saddle boneless
Roe-deer tenderloin
Roe-deer leg steaks
Roe-deer French Racks
Roe-deer Osso Bucco steaks
Roe-deer shoulder bone-in
Roe-deer shoulder boneless
Roe-deer shoulder without shank
Roe-deer roll from neck (Rollbraten)
Roe-deer goulash extra 1kg
Roe-deer goulash 2,5kg
Roe-deer goulash standard
Roe-deer trimmings
Red deer
Red-deer leg bone-in
Red-deer calf leg bone-in
Red-deer leg boneless with shank
Red-deer leg boneless without shank
Red-deer calf boneless
Red-deer 4-cuts
Red-deer top side
Red-deer silverside
Red-deer rump
Red-deer saddle bone-in
Red-deer saddle boneless
Red-deer calf saddle bone-in
Red-deer French Racks
Red-deer tenderloin
Red-deer steaks
Red-deer shoulder boneless with shank
Red-deer shoulder boneless without shank (Saftbraten)
Red-deer neck rollbraten
Red-deer neck
Red-deer goulash extra 1,0kg
Red-deer goulash extra 2,5kg
Red-deer goulash standard 1kg
Red-deer goulash standard 2,5kg
Red-deer T-bone steaks
Red-deer Osso Bucco steaks
Red-deer saddle carpaccio
Red-deer trimmings
Fallow deer
Fallow-deer leg bone-in
Fallow-deer leg boneless
Fallow-deer 4-cuts
Fallo-deer saddle bone-in
Fallow-deer saddle boneless
Fallow-deer goulash B mix
Fallow-deer saute
Fallow-deer trimmings